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Heather Dunbar
Supposed to be no contact delivery but had no problem waiting at the door for a tip this time. I didn’t because I literally live next door and tip all the time for a wrong order. Nothing new here small soup instead of a big one and I’m sick I literally bought the order for my roommate so I could have soup and was disappointed. Worst $20 ever spent. Will order from somewhere further in the future. It sucks because you all have the best egg drop soup.
I had read several good reviews.Delivery was fast and friendly so I was very disappointed that my food was so bad. Sesame chicken was drenched in a sickenly sweet sauce with a few pieces of broccoli hiding at the bottom. Cold nnodles was plentiful but a bit sour. Pork wontons were so over cooked and so hard I could hardly bite into them. Didn't try the fried rice. Egg roll was ok. Within hours of eating my hands swelled up from all the sodium. Overall a poor showing for Yuan Ho.
I love the food, but here lately when I've ordered my usual chicken with string beans, it seems like everything is more greasy than it's been before. I don't like grease. So please just use the sauce without all the extra grease. The sauce it what makes the best flavor not the grease.
Oliver Victoriano
Food here is awesome!