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Ingredients That Add Aroma to Your Chinese Dishes

April 02, 2019

Charlottesville, VA – If you are one of them who have been making a list of pantry items that would help in preparing flavorsome and tantalizing Chinese dishes right at the comfort of your home, then you must read this piece of information given below.

Garlic, ginger and scallions are some of the aromatic ingredients that give that punch of flavor and aroma to your dishes. These are considers to be some of the common items that you will find in every kitchen that mostly deals with Chinese food in Charlottesville. Their flavors vastly depend on the amount you add while preparing any food. Scallions and ginger add subtle flavor to any classic meal, and these are also used while preparing special sauces. The stingy flavor serves to be the best for dipping sauce.

Vital information on garlic, ginger and scallions


If you enjoy cooking, then you must be quite clear how essential garlic paste is and how great it can contribute towards your prepared meals. If you add a surplus amount of garlic in the food, it might kill the taste permanently, mainly because garlic has a strong and overpowering taste even when mixed with other ingredients.

You can add garlic while stir frying the ingredients but remember not to burn it. Garlic in a way adds a base to your recipes, and if it gets burnt then it might leave a bitter taste and completely ruin your dish.


This is another essential ingredient without which it is impossible to prepare tasty Chinese meals. This item is generously used while cooking seafood recipes. When you caramelize ginger slices in hot oil, the mixed flavor will infuse the dish and spread a toasty ginger flavor and aroma in the entire dish.

Chefs recommend preparing Ginger Scallion Lobster or Ginger Scallion Shrimp to understand how perfectly ginger can contribute and taste heavenly. Also, this ingredient can be used in almost anything such as noodles, scrambled eggs, rice, and the likes and improve the taste of the food.


These are green onions which are used in a wide variety of dishes. This commonly found ingredient can be used in quick stir-fried dishes and it adds a delicious stingy and salty flavor. You can try the Scallion pancakes and see for yourself how excellent this ingredient is.

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