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Why Chicken and Broccoli with Brown Sauce is so Popular with People in Charlottesville?

Sep 06, 2019

Chinese food Charlottesville

Charlottesville, VA – Chinese takeout is one of the most popular food order in the US. Amongst the most ordered dishes, chicken and broccoli with brown sauce, is one. If you have been ordering Chinese food in Charlottesville but yet to try this, we would highly recommend correcting the mistake as soon as possible.

Our growing prowess in the area

We at Yuan Ho create and deliver some of the most delicious Chinese foods in the area. The dish in question is one of our specialty. Despite being one of the most favorites of our patrons, we often have to face the question regarding the dish and especially the sauce. There are quite a few places where this dish has two versions. One is with brown sauce, the other is with white sauce.

The different versions and what we deliver

If you are wondering, we would like to make it clear from the very beginning, we only provide the brown sauce version. This recipe may not be a complete secret but that does not negate the time, effort and research our chef has put into making it. Today, our version is an example of the best Chinese food in Charlottesville<..

Our recipe and deviation from tradition

Our recipe follows the traditional method of blanching the broccoli and searing the chicken and at the end, the sauce is added. This sauce is the secret of our recipe. Along with taste, this version is quite impressive due to its rich color. The aroma and the taste of the sauce make all the difference between the two versions of the food.

Exploring the subject further and in detail

If you are still feeling interested in the white sauce version, it is only natural to go and explore the subject further. It will be quite revealing. The while sauce version is often considered to be the healthier version as the chicken in it is blanched like the broccoli instead of being seared. If you are dieting and do not want to astray, choosing the while sauce version will make all the sense.

Making meals impressively nice

We would like to point out that the white sauce version of this dish won’t be as tasty as the brown sauce version though. It may come out as a little surprising but there is no denying the fact that chicken and broccoli in the brown sauce has gained its popularity because of the taste. It has been making meals extraordinary for a lot of people for years now.

The order you can place with us

With years of experience in cooking and delivering delicious food in the area, we have gained both popularity and reputation. Ordering from us will give you one of the best take out experiences ever. We will look forward to your order.

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