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Interested to Know More About General Tso’s Chicken – It is Story Time in Charlottesville

Aug 26, 2019

Chinese cuisine Charlottesville

Charlottesville, VA – General Tso’s chicken is one of the most popular dishes of Chinese cuisine in Charlottesville. People are in love with the deep-fried chicken and crunchy broccoli pieces mixed with a sweet and spicy sauce. If you like this dish and want to know a little more than the ingredients involved, we are here to tell the story.

The perfection that has been attained

Today, this dish has reached its perfection but it wasn’t always that way. General Tso’s chicken also took a lot of time, effort and evolution to become what it is today. We at Yuan Ho have been delivering delicious plate after delicious plate of this dish for quite some time now. In the beginning, though, we were also interested in the story behind the dish.

Eating and knowing Chinese food

A lot of people order and eat Chinese food because they like it. A large section of that population is either intrigued by the oriental culture or simply want to enjoy food from another country. Only a small section is interested in the history and stories associated with the food. Ironically, food is one of the most interesting ways of knowing a civilization or country or community.

Exploring the story of General Tso’s chicken

If you are one of the interested people and are searching for the story along with Chinese food delivery near me, we are here to oblige. The dish known as General Tso’s chicken is supposedly named after Zuo Zongtang, a military leader during the Qing Dynasty who was from the province Hunan. There are some versions where the dish was invented by a Taiwanese chef Peng Chang Kuei who also named it.

The sauce as the heart of the dish

Whatever the actual story behind the dish is, you cannot possibly ignore the allure of deep-fried chicken and crunchy broccoli which are complemented perfectly with the sauce. Like a lot of Chinese dishes, the sauce is the heart and soul of this one too or at least when it is made properly. One of the most crucial factors in cooking is balance and Chinese cuisine is not an exception.

We deliver lip-smacking food every time

If the balance and proportion of the ingredients are not maintained properly, the dish will never be able to do any justice to the name. Being one of the most popular choices of our patrons, we always make sure to provide an authentic experience. The next time you are ordering General Tso’s chicken, it will be a different experience. We will make sure that the food always is according to your expectation.

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