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3 Reasons Why Yuan Ho is your Ideal Chinese Food Delivery in Charlottesville

Aug 05, 2019

Chinese food delivery Charlottesville

Charlottesville, VA – Food delivery services have proliferated across the world. Keeping up with that, Yuan Ho Gao has emerged as one of the finest services providing Chinese Food Delivery in Charlottesville. Starting from the sweeping scope of dishes on our menu to catering to our cherished customers with the highest professionalism, there are more reasons than one for you to try our services. Here’s how.

1. A Diverse Menu

At Yuan Ho Gao, you come across a diverse range of items on the menu. Dedicated to offering the quintessential Chinese tang, the menu is loaded with dishes starting from shrimp tempura to fried rice. Apart from that, we also have a variety of soups such as egg soup, miso accompanied by tofu and seaweed, and other noodle soups.

What makes the outlet all the more special is the inclusion of the general Asian cuisine such as bamboo shoots, shredded pork and pickled mustard tuber, to name only a few. We also boast of a sprawling spread of exotic seafood. Additionally, we are particularly renowned for our chicken, beef, pork and duck variants, the most sought-after being the fascinating Peking Duck.

2. Specialties

At our restaurant, we run a dedicated menu for vegetarians. When we say vegetarian, it is strictly so unlike outlets which tend to include smatterings of egg and fish in their vegan meals.

Starting from veg moo shu to a host of tofu dishes, our vegan menu is equally prolific both in terms of health and flavor. We use not only the choicest but also the freshest ingredients and spices. Apart from that, we are one of the few restaurants in Charlottesville to provide exotic beverages and sides. What is more, our dishes are competitively priced, in accordance with the certified industrial standards.

3. Customer Service

Last but not least, our outlet is known for its exemplary customer service. As a venture committed to all-round customer dedication, we have not limited our loyalties to trimming the prices alone; we believe in open collaboration with our cherished customers. Also, we are thoroughly committed to upholding the highest standards of health, yet without compromising with the flavor of the dishes.

Our restaurant is particularly renowned for its holistic customer engagement. We believe in enriching our customers both through the tang in our dishes and the courteous conduct of our staff. Our employees are meticulously trained and thoroughly briefed on engaging with the customers most professionally, and yet warmly and amicably.

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Yuan Ho is the premier Chinese restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia, featuring fresh ingredients, unique recipes, and top-notch customer service.


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