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3 Tips to Order a Vegan Meal at a Chinese Restaurant in Charlottesville

July 25, 2019

Chinese Restaurant Charlottesville

Charlottesville, VA – Are you a vegan and want to eat out at a Chinese restaurant? The sheer diversity of meals on a Chinese menu could be baffling to someone who has a certain degree of dietary constraints. Besides, the traditional names of the items could be riddling enough for beginners. However, there are various kinds of vegan items on a Chinese menu. One only needs to make the right choices. Below are three tips for ordering a quintessential vegan meal at a Chinese Restaurant in Charlottesville.

1. Keep Tabs on Potential Animal Products

Never go by the names alone. For instance, there is no reason to assume that Vegetable Lo Mein is wholly vegan. Some restaurants tend to use chicken or beef broths for vegan dishes too. Lo Mein, at least certain variants of it, contains egg. Veggie dumplings tend to have egg in the dumpling wrappers. The examples abound.

Therefore, the best thing to do would be to politely ask the server to brief you on the ingredients present in a particular item. Make sure to present your order precisely; at times, customers have reported having been greeted with shrimps in spite of having ordered a vegan meal.

2. Ask Questions to the Server

As hinted earlier, you must make your food choices clear to the server while placing an order. For first-timers, keep in mind to ask stuff such as whether there is egg in the dish, whether the broth consists of chicken or fish sauce, whether the same oil is used in tofu and chicken etc.

Once you are briefed on the ingredients, make it a point to inform the server about what you do not eat. Make sure to keep it precise and clear so that the server comprehends the contours of your diet. At Yuan Ho, we strive for all-round customer appreciation, keeping foremost the individual choices of customers.

3. Chinese Vegan Dishes

Last, but not least, do a bit of research on Chinese vegan dishes. As mentioned earlier, Chinese restaurants have a slew of vegan dishes to offer. With the rising demand for vegan dishes, more restaurants are coming up with quintessentially vegan meals. Some of the most celebrated dishes include spring rolls, fried tofu nuggets, tofu vegetable soup, steamed rice, vegetable Lo Mein without eggs, sautéed green beans etc.

To revert to the point mentioned at the outset, the Chinese menu has a lot to offer to vegans, starting from modest spring rolls to Moo Shu vegetables. To make it to the best of vegan meals, it is important to make the right food choices.

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