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6 Ways in which Authentic Chinese Food is different from the Americanized Version in Charlottesville

July 09, 2019

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Charlottesville, VA – It may come as a little surprising, but the Chinese food you normally eat in a Chinese restaurant Charlottesville is not authentic. At Yuan Ho Go, as one of the establishments offering authentic Chinese food, we are at a position to provide our opinion.

The points we would Like to Highlight :

Americanized Chinese food has gained its identity and now it is shaping its personality as well. The distinction is clearer than ever before. So, exploring that fundamental difference will put your doubts to rest. The points we would like you to know about are:

1. Broccoli versus Bok Choy :

A dish that includes broccoli, tomato, carrots and baby corn is not authentic Chinese. The produce available in the kitchens of America is different from the ones used in Mainland China. The same dish in Shanghai or Beijing will use vegetables like bok choy, Chinese water spinach, kai-lan and such.

2. Specialized Dishes

The menu at any American-Chinese restaurant will read an item’s name as, “Sweet and Sour Pork with Broccoli” or “Spicy Beef with Bamboo Shoots”. In an authentic Chinese place, you won’t get the name of a food in such a style.

3. Heavy versus Light Flavors

Flavor of any authentic Chinese dish will be different from the Americanized version. For instance, the fusion dishes and the Americanized versions are made to cater to the people of the USA. Hence, the specialized version is light in flavors and heat. Remembering this while placing an order for Chinese food delivery in Charlottesville will help.

4. Where the Food is Coming from is Crucial

The origin of the food is crucial when it comes to highlighting the difference. For instance, the food available under the America-Chinese umbrella term normally hints at the Cantonese cuisine. There are other provinces of China and they offer food that is different in taste and texture.

5. It’s not All Stir Fry

You are probably most familiar with the stir fry version of Chinese dishes and it may seem like the whole cuisine is about fired items. Apart from steamed and sautéed, there are a number of cooking methods employed by chefs. Knowing about these difference will help you to enjoy a nice, authentic and wholesome Chinese meal whenever you want.

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