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12 Seasonings Bringing Touch of Authenticity to a Chinese Kitchen in Charlottesville

July 07, 2019

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Charlottesville, VA – Seasoning has always been crucial to Asian cuisines. Herbs and spices bring unique flavors and aroma to a dish. We at Yuan Ho Go would like to highlight a few other staples to a Chinese kitchen. If you are doing a search on Chinese restaurants that deliver, then it is clear you are interested in the subject. We would like to point some interesting facts.

Knowing about the Subject :

People all over the world love Chinese food and Charlottesville is not an exception. If you maintain a proper pantry, then certain items should be there. They will help you to make more authentic and delicious tasting Chinese food.

The Ingredients of Authenticity :

While searching for Chinese food delivery near me, this information will prepare you to appreciate the meal further. The items we would like to highlight are:


This is one of the most important ingredients and no Chinese dish can be made without salt.

Soy Sauce :

Made from soybean, wheat bran and wheat, this sauce is integral to every stir fry dish and sauce.

Oyster Sauce :

This sweet and salty sauce is made from oyster, soy sauce, sugar, wheat flour and water.

Sesame Oil :

Made from sesame seeds, this oil has a nutty aroma and flavor and is used as a marinade or dipping sauce or in dressing.

Rice Vinegar :

This ingredient is made from rice and is used as a liquid dressing.

Rice Wine :

Made from sticky rice and millet, rice wine is used for enhancing the aroma in a dish and remove bad odors of meat and fish.

Chili Sauce or Paste :

It is made primarily from chilies but sometimes garlic, vinegar and peppercorn can be added to the concoction.

Soybean Paste :

This item is used in stir-fries and added to braising liquids.

Star Anise :

This spice is used in slow cooking dishes to add a nice and distinctive flavor.

Five Spice Powder :

This powder is the blend of five ingredients, clove Sichuan peppercorn, Chinese cinnamon, star anise and fennel.

Chili Powder :

A red powder made from dried chilies, this ingredient is used for seasoning and adding hotness to a dish.

Sichuan Peppercorn :

Mainly used in Sichuan cuisine, this ingredient is a spice that spicy and numbing. If you want to explore and experiment with Chinese cuisine and make the food as authentic in taste as possible, then having these ingredients in your kitchen is necessary.

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